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Pottstown Karate Club

1996 National Team

Karate is the art of unarmed self-defense. Karate is a Japanese phrase meaning "kara" - (empty), "te" - (hand), or the way of the empty hand.

Karate is a centuries old martial art, formally introduced in Japan by Master Gichin Funakoshi. Since the 1950s, karate has been practiced throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Karate is an excellent exercise, utilizing 90% of the body muscles. The mental aspects are as important as the physical. The main objective of karate training is development of character, although karate is also a practical and effective self-defense system. 

Men and women of all ages can learn the art of karate. Children can begin as young as 5 years old. Training at POTTSTOWN KARATE CLUB is highlighted by personal, individualized instruction in small class settings. Equal emphasis is placed on the mastery of basics (kihon), form (kata), sparring (kumite) and self-defense techniques. Instruction is safe, professional and easy to understand.


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Pottstown Karate Club
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Chester / Montco
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