Welcome to Pottstown Karate


Pottstown Karate Club is a 501c3 nonprofit Shotokan Karate Club.

We offer no secret techniques, no mystical art, and no superhuman abilities. Instead, we offer the benefits that come from hard work and consistent training: hard work enhances ability, humility develops character, structure produces discipline, and focus inspires intellect.  What we learn through training carries over to all aspects of our lives.If nurtured properly, the attitude cultivated within martial arts training and competition can greatly develop the confidence required to succeed in personal and professional endeavors.  PKC athletes who have remained consistent in their training, accountable for their behavior and responsible for their own advancement and ability have moved on to be successful in their personal and professional lives

PKC is not in the “business” of karate. PKC is a club that focuses on character development while simultaneously introducing physical fitness and awareness.

“It’s bigger than me – It’s bigger than you – Check your ego at the door, and let’s get to work!”

                                                                                                      –  Rob Matthews

our Programs

Shotokan Karate

Karate is the art of unarmed self-defense. Karate is a Japanese phrase meaning “kara” – (empty), “te” – (hand), or the way of the empty hand.

Guardian Angels

Members are recruited from within this club and provide numerous functions to this community. The Pottstown Junior Guardian Angels is a Junior Leadership / Anti Bully program.

Clean Streets Program

We offer an opportunity for juveniles to work community service hours imposed by the justice system by cleaning the neighborhood streets and participating in CrossFit physical fitness training.

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